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Will ceramic rock slabs replace quartz stone slabs?

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Will ceramic rock slabs replace quartz stone slabs?
Quartz stone slabs officially entered into Chinese market in 2005.
From 2006 to 2007, many manufacturers successively launched their own brands to quartz stone slab.
It only took less than two years for our country to realize the transition from import to truly independent production.
Up to now, our country's quartz stone production and manufacturing have been very mature, and now quartz stone slab has become one of the ideal home decoration materials.

In the field of high-end countertops, ceramic rock slabs can never replace quartz stone slab.
All things exist for their own reason, because all things have advantages and disadvantages, so it depends on how we choose.
Ceramic rock slabs account for up to 5% of the market share, and quartz stone slabs occupy more than 90% of the market. Therefore, quartz stone countertops are always better than ceramic rock slab countertops and are durable.
Ceramic rock slabs are hard, but they cannot withstand collisions and are fragile materials. Ceramic rock slabs are only suitable for walls and floors. It is unrealistic to make countertops, and the safety factor is the lowest.
The daily output of ceramic rock slabs is tens of thousands of square meters, but the amount of cabinet countertops is very small, and only the upper wall and the floor are the main uses.
Therefore, choosing quartz stone slab as countertops is the most suitable and ideal choice.


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