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The Pluses of Quartz Stone Surface

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The Pluses of Quartz Stone Surface
1. Germproof Quartz stone is very hygienic, it does not harbor bacteria, which makes it a safe choice for food handling in the kitchen. Cleaning your quartz stone kitchen counter tops is quite easy. It involves using a little soapy water or a mild cleaner.
2. Easy To Maintain - Being a non-porous surface means it's easy to clean and maintain.
3. Lots Of Colors And Patterns – Quartz Stone is the man made product so it is available in multiple colors and patterns that look like stone.
4. Color/Pattern Uniformity – Quartz Stone is a good choice because the color and particulate patterns are uniform and consistent over the entire surface area.
5. Other Advantages - Large size of slab - Super strong quartz material that will last a life time - Very bright sparkling colors, - Consistency in colors, Pattern, Texture and thickness - Superior strength - Highly heat & scratch resistant. - Anti skid property which avoids slipping while walking. - Imperviou of stains. - Possible to create exquisite designs & patterns to match ambience. - Nonabsorbent and non-porous. - Immune to freezing and thawing. - Durable and easy to work with - Low maintenance cost.


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